SFF BIDI® Transceiver

SFF BIDI® Transceiver

The SFF BIDI® Transceiver is a bi-directional Small Form Factor (SFF) transceiver designed for full-duplex communication over a single fiber.

The SFF BIDI® Transceiver consists of a laser with laser driver and a PIN diode with optional pre- and post-amplifier.

The single fiber concept saves overall system costs by eliminating one fiber, allowing for doubling of capacity without installing new fibers and simplifying fiber management.


  • 1,25 Gbps SFF transceiver compliant with SFF MSA Standard. High output power and high sensitivity, high power link budget
  • Developed for harsh environmental applications
  • Conformal coated PCBs & hermetically laser welded optical unit and additional mechanical features to improve mechanical stability
  • Tin over Nickel plating to improve chemical resistance and good lead free soldering process
  • Variability with optical fiber (buffered version for harsh application) and optionally with special connectors
  • RoHS compliant