High Power Bi-Directional Optical Component with Visible Light Service Channel

1310nm Tx 1.25Gbps / 1490nm PD Rx with 1.25 Gbps 3.3V TIA with integrated Red Light FP Laser 650nm

Product overview

The PON BIDI-VLSCTM is an optical component designed for full-duplex digital communication over a single fiber with an additional service channel integrated into BIDI optical unit. Visible light laser transmitter for laser beam positioning in Bi-directional Gigabit optical wireless communications.

The single fiber concept saves overall system costs by eliminating one fiber, allowing for doubling of capacity without installing new fibers, and simplifying fiber management.



  • Integrated WDM filters for Tx/Tx/Rx operation at 650/1310/1490nm
  • 1310 nm FP laser diode transmitter suitable for data rates up to 1.25 Gbit/s
  • 1490 nm PD digital receiver with integrated 1.25 Gbit/s, 3.3 V TIA
  • 650 nm Laser Diode for Optical Wireless Network
  • -40° C to +85 °C operating temperature range
  • Single-mode fiber pigtail with different connector options
  • Class 3B laser product
  • Hermetically sealed Tx and Rx sub-components for high reliability


General Applications

  • High-speed indoor Wireless optical infrastructure
  • Open-air optical or fibreless optical transmission, LiFi over air